Joe - how are you? - well I trust.

I was browsing your pages again this morning, and it struck me that you
might be interested to see a couple of scans of one of my office desk
"paperweights" so I threw it in the scanner here. I had a feeling that I
mentioned this to you before (at the time you mailed me the LAL Complete
disks) so I checked my old "sent mail" folder and sure enough, the story
from the old mail is below.

Best Wishes

Chris Parry


I have the headstock from a Les Paul Deluxe at home which I retrieved after
one of the
Christmas '75 (or was it '76?) London Hammersmith Odean shows. A friend and
I went to
the backstage door to see the band after the show, and without warning, out
of a
second floor window, came the Les Paul - at that point intact. My mate
risked his life
to try and catch it, failed miserably, and broke two fingers in the process.
guitar hit the floor, and broke at the nut.

The body and neck is still owned by my mate - it is a gold top, with a
number "6" stuck on it behind the bridge, as Pete liked to do at that time.
The truss
rod is now at 90 degrees to the neck!

I still have the headstock, complete with Grover machine heads, and serial
no. 133592.

At this show Pete used both goldtop and cherry sunburst Les Pauls, all
deluxes, all
with Grovers fitted.


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