Tales About The Who

On this page you will find the stories of people that knew members of the band or saw them in their early days. I have left their writings exactly as I received them and have not made any corrections.

Mike Moore of Calgary owns a Stratocaster broken by Pete at the Who's July 15, 1968 show at the Memorial Centre in Kingston, Ontario.  Ian Elliot also wrote an article for the Kingston Whig-Standard in July 2000 about the guitar. To see pictures of one Pete didn't get follow this link to a piece on the Gibson SG Special.

Bert Entwistle and Friends - Rich Slaff - a great story and pictures of Bert Entwistle, his famous son and friends.

My First Who Concert - Joe Giorgianni - August 30, 1967 - War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, New York

A Farmboy Meets the Who - Dennis McCoy - February 23, 1968 - Winterland Auditorium, San Francisco, California

John Mears was a neighbor and driver for Keith Moon. His parents, Ron and Yvonne Mears, were owners, with Keith, of the Crown and Cushion Inn in Chipping Norton. More information can be found in the excellent book Moon (The Life and Death of a Rock Legend) by Tony Fletcher. Here is John's story.

Max the Mod Ker-Seymer

Stuart "Stoo" Pittman

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