Bert Entwistle and Friends

Saturday August 17, 2002


Thanks for the quick response to my poster request. I framed it this morning, and now I just have to find room in the basement for it!

Anyway, I'm glad you think other Who fans would like to hear my sort of unusual story about the Entwistles, and our family. I've told this story to so many people - it's sort of emblazoned in my mind. I'll try to make it as short as possible for you ...

During the Second World War, my mom was living in Boston, Mass. with her parents (Ruth and James Lee) and her four sisters. My grandfather being the great guy he was, would go down to the docks and shipyards where many war damaged ships from other countries were docked while being repaired. He would invite sailors and servicemen from many other countries to come to his house for a home-cooked meal, or sometimes go to a Red Sox game, or even catch a movie with one or all of his daughters. (This would almost happen in the day and age huh?)!!! I guess things were much different in the 1940s.

Well, my grandmother had been a school teacher for years, and was extremely organized and methodic. Every sailor or soldier who ever came to the house during the war, she kept in touch with until she died in the eighties at the ripe old age of 95. Obviously, according to my mom, many of the guys who they became friendly with were since killed in the war. Others, my mom & her sisters maintained correspondence with over the years.

Two of the sailors the girls felt closest to were Roy Brown from Wales, and Bert Entwistle (John's dad) from England.

When I was in high school in the early 70's and I first found out about this after becoming addicted to rock music, I just couldn't believe it!! My mom and dad (Mike & Nancy Slaff) were fortunate to stay at John's "house" for a few days in the 70's, while visiting Bert & his second wife Dora.

Over the years, I would write to John whenever they would tour, and he was generous enough to provide me with tickets and back stage passes. He couldn't have been nicer to me all the times we got together. Yes, he was a superstar, but he was also just a quiet, regular guy.

I've sent along some pictures I thought you could use if in fact you do something with this somewhat long tale of a Jersey kid hanging out with or heroes!

Thanks for listening to my story and I'm sure John wouldn't have minded sharing it either!

Long Live Rock & The Who

Rich Slaff

P.S. - My son Mike also started to write to John last summer after we saw him at B.B. King's with the John Entwistle Band. Mike sent him pictures he had taken at the show, and he was kind enough to send them back autographed! What a guy!

Another generation of Who fans is born!

Let me know if anything is on the web page!

Update!! 9/6/02

Joe - Sorry it's taken so long to get this package to you but I was waiting for pictures wich my mom was kind enough to send.

I hope you have fin with the stuff. Call or write and let me know what happens.

Your Who Pal,

Rich Slaff

P.S. P.N.C. show was outstanding as usual!!!

Sad without the Ox though.

Bert with a shipmate at my mom's house in Wellesey, Mass. 1943.
Bert (John's dad) is on your left.

My grandmother - Ruth Lee - between Dora (John's step-mom, and his dad - Bert circa 1976

My mom (Nancy) and Bert check out the grounds of "Quarwood" - John's estate in England.

A famous scene of John shooting gold records with a machine gun was filmed right here for "The Kids Are Alright."

My parents at their stay at John's "house." 1979
(Mike & Nancy Slaff)

John's guest house.

Following is an interesting story about the guest house courtesy of Dave Van Stavaren:

"The guest house has a really cool story behind it in which lives a Mrs. Gibbs who has been living there since 1971. The guest house is part of the estate and Mrs. Gibbs is in her late 80's now, a wonderful gracious old lady who had only seen John once since moving in '71 and told us on camera and I quote 'yes I remember him he lived in the house and I believe he played in some kind of band'."

I hope she stays on in the guest house for many years to come..."

Mom checking out some of the Who's gold & platinum records.

John, Bert & my mom (Nancy Slaff) at John's house - 1979 - Glostershire, England.

The "Ox" playing with his trains.

Bert and John's son Chris show my mom around the hot tub/jacuzzi in John's house.

Sept. 12, 1979
New Haven, Conn.

Me & Roger
(This was way before my mustache)!!

Me and the Ox meet for the first time. He couldn't have been nicer to me and my college roommate. He even offered a limo ride back to our hotel!

My college roommate and Pete. Who's got the bigger nose?

My friend's name is Duke Nestel.

Pete having a "good time" back stage, playing Space Invaders.

Bert & John circa 1985.

Me and John at Giants Stadium July 1, 1989.

"We had both aged a bit huh"

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