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In 1969 Keith Moon, drummer of the Who,moved in opposite me in Old Park Ridings, Enfield. We became friends. A few weeks after he had moved in he went to open a Disco in Hertfordshire with his wife Kim "Legs" Larry Smith, his girlfriend aunty Jean and Kieth`s chauffeur Neil Boland, in the disco things did not feel right , as they got to the bentley a crowd of jeering skin heads started throwing coins at the car , when they got in the mob put there faces to the cars window and threatned the occupants. Neil who also doubled as Moons body guard got out the car to calm the situation down,as he did moon climbed into the front seat.The skin heads pressured Bolan and he fell; as he did the car which was in drive started rolling forward. The front wheels crushed Neil`s skull; he died on the way to hospital. The coroner ruled the death was accidental. When Keith got home that nigth I left a note to say that we were having a party at our house and to come over, he never did.

It was two weeks before i met him agian, We got taking and he offered me a job of driving him, I being only nineteen and working for my farther at his furniture factory jumped at the chance! The Bentley was still at the Police station at Hatfield, so we had to use my Hillman Imp. The frist day i drove him to Track Records in soho London, there he gave me a open cheque and told me to go and buy a Rolls Royce silver cloud 3,which i did the cost of which was £3800 second hand,the only trouble was the colour which was racing green. when he saw the car he saidthe colour was wrong, could i please get it sprayed lilac,which i did. My initiation was over.

Over the next few weeks he became his old self. Our daily routine was as follows; he would get up at around midday, we would then drive to track records in soho, pick up some money and the days fun would begin! Pubs then more pubs when they closed we would go to A&R club in Wardore Street which was open all day long to mostley members of the pop business till the pubs opened again, when they closed we would go to his favourite haunt at that time `The Speak Easy` in Margaret street and at 3 or 4am we would go home, and so it would go on.

The next big thing to happen was when he and my parents Ron and Yvonne, got together one night and after a rather `Boozy` night decided to buy a hotel together. The Crown and Cushion lasted two and a half years. In 1969/70 I spent most of my time driving Keith to numrous gigs around the UK and abroad to Copenhagen,in which time i got to know the rest of the band really well . In my next email ill tell you some of the things we got up to on the road. see you soon , john

In1969 the name of the game was booze pill`s & getting high . Keith never at that time smoked pot , he was strictly into brandy blues & madness & in that order, he would drink all day, blue`s all night followed by Mandy`s to bring him down to sleep. He loved to see how people would react to the way he acted, he would go for a drink in a local pub in Enfield & ask the barman for a large brandy & ginger & a pint of lager ,to which he would pure the larger over his head , & down the brandy& ginger in one , licking his lips he would ask for the same again guava!!!! This was his way of life he loved shocking people, just to see there reaction. One day in warder street he went in to a Deli & bought a pickled gherkin , to which he walked down the road offering it to anyone he saw, in a most offending way! But this was Moon lapping up there reaction`s! One afternoon after the pub`s had kicked out every one , Keith said he would like to go around to one of his mates, and started telling me the way to get there, when we got there he ask me to go and knock on the door and see if anyone was in , Which I did , to my amusement the door opened and there standing there with a floor tile in one hand and adhesive in another was ringo starr. Looking over my shoulder he shouted `Moon you barstard come in and take me away from all this`! He was retailing his front door way area. We started drinking brandy and coke,it was 3.30 by 6.30 we were taping ourselves doing goon send up`s, playing pool and dancing with the Fiberglas penguins in the back garden ( NOT IN THAT ORDER!!) Ringo was one of Keith`s best mate`s at the time and he became my next boss when i left Keith a year later. Thank`s to his P.A and driver at the time Martin lickett, but that`s another story. I will tell you more in my next fax john.

June 10, 2002

Subject: keith moon

Early in 1970 Keith was back to his old self again, and the pranks were getting better and better,
One day while in the west end of London, Keith went to his favourite joke shop in Soho, and bought a
Vicar outfit and bald wig.
The rest of the gang , viv stanshall & legs Larry smith ,both from the Bonzo dog do da band, & myself,
were all dressed as 1930's Hood's, complete with violin case.
The scene was set, as Keith walked down Shaftsbury Avenue, looking in shop windows, Up screamed this larger than life lilac Rolls Royce, the back doors open ,& two larger than life looking hoods jumped out
grabbed this poor little vicar & bundling him into the back of the revving up rolls, which then shoot of down
the road,with this Vicar's head sticking out of the back window,shouting the word "OBSCENITIES" again
& again.
We got about 500 yards down the road before being pulled up by two of London's finest bobby's
(policeman) standing in the middle of the road arm's out stretched beckoning us to stop, when we did one
went to the back window to see how the vicar was,Keith looked up & said "GOOD MORNING MY SON & HOW ARE YOU? Making the sign of the cross with his hand!!!
Who else in London own's a lilac Rolls Royce!
    On another occasion in wardour street (soho)Keith got himself dressed up as a tramp unshaven
& with flat cap equipped with brown paper bag in which was a bottle of meths ,but filled with the best
brandy that money could buy.
Walking up & down the street begging anyone he saw for a few pence for a cup of  ' rosy lee ' with me in
the roller a few feet behide him slowly keeping up with him, just then he stopped, & I noticed Maurice
gibb of the bee gees, coming out of the marquee dub, Keith had stopped him & was given chase, only
two night's before we had met him and his then wife lulu, thy lived in the same road in Hampstead as
Ringo who we went to see for a few behaves.
Keith minced over to Maurice & ask him for a few bob for a meal & a cup of tea, to which Maurice said in
no mean way for him to 'JUST FUCK OFF!!' at this Keith just waved his hand at me, up I drove ,got out
& opened the back door for him, in he got pocked his head out of the window & said FUCK YOU TOO!!!!! & off we sped ,I can remember the look on Maurice to this day, I still don't know if he knew it was Keith or not.
Next time ill tell you what went on when we went on tour to Copenhagen.



Subject: keith moon

In September 1970 we set off to Scandinavia to play at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Keith was in
fine form & was ready to bogey after the gig.
John Wolf (wiggy tour manager) had booked us in at a local club for a few drinks before we hit the local disco's, when we got to the 'Groin club apply named as it turned out,. We were ushered in throw the back door, were we found Tonight's turn's sitting in a long row ,chatting away with each other, there where two
girls covering each other with baby oil,two guy'stroking each other's hair, & an old man & old woman
looking like thy should be in bed asleep.
Wiggy & two bouncers guided us passed this happy lot into a very dark room , were there was a large
round bed with a spot light shining just on the bed,there was Keith, John entwistle,wiggy,Townsend &
me,Keith John went in first & were asked if they would like some ‘Fun' with a couple of girl's before the
show started, say no more! Like two boy's on there first date thy both jumped on to the bed, waiting for
there sweet heart's to arrive.
Mean while me wiggy & Townsend were asked if we would like to watch,' Say no more' , we were taken
to a room which over looked the two waiting rockstars, we were handed drinks, the Show was about to
The two well oiled girl's walked in & sat on the bed & started to undress the boy's, as they did so the
spot light's started to get brighter & brighter,& this bed which I thought to be in a small room , was in fact
in the middle of a large stage!!!
Surrounded by table's & chairs Full of people who started clapping & shouting in there local tough to
It was the the only time iv'e seen Keith Run away from a Naked & two at that! He & John were out of that room in record time, the whole thing was set up by Wiggy!
After a few drink,s & a few live show's, we all set of for the local disco.
Keith set about pulling a blonde bomb shell ,sitting at the bar on her own, After about an hour he & the
bomb shell left & headed back to the hotel, the rest of us had a few more drink's before setting back.
When we arrived back at the hotel we were passing Keith's room, when we heard what sounded like a
Rodeo going on, & gingerly opening the door to see what was going on, saw Keith shouting YEH HA!!
Riding on the back of the blond doggy fashion around the room!
The next morning the sting in the tail happened,
We were going to the small island of arhus to play a gig, as we left the hotel moat of us picked up some
light reading for the charted plain ride to the island mostly Porn!!
On the plain Keith was sitting at the front, taking about last night's going's on.
I was getting in to some serious reading in the form Animal fun no4 , which was all about this well hung
alsiashion &would you adam & eve it ,said Blond bomb shell from the night before, I KID YOU NOT!!!
Well , i passed the said mag to person to person telling them not to say anything.
Now it was Keith's turn to look at said Mag, which he did, His eye's nearly popped out of his head, it was
then when we all started HOWLING' at the top of our voice's YEH HA!"!!!!
When we got back to Copenhagen it was time to peck our bag's & set of to the airport to go home,
We all meet up in the lobby with our bag's, Keith asked me if I would check his room to see if he had left anything there, which I did, not knowing that when I was gone he was in my case & stuffing Porn mag's in
all jacket's ,
On getting back to Heathrow, going through custom's I was pushed to the front of the Que., being told that
I had to get the roller, not knowing that he had a card which had written on It ‘CHECK HIS BAG PORN SMUGGLER' !! holding it over my head as I walked forward.
To which the Custom man asked me to open my case with a big grin on his face , to which I grinned
back thinking that ive got nothing to hide... MUCH!!!
Opening the case he lifted the jacket on top & as he did so several porn mag's drooped out !! op's, All in
all 32 mag were impounded.& I was told that at least I was saved from getting
see you soon John.

Christmas 1969 with Kim and Keith Moon. Click here for slideshow.

 John Mears with Kim and Keith Moon at Leeds February 14, 1970.

Hi Joe
I have just been reminiscing over the times I spent as a 16 year lad at the Crown and Cushion in Chipping Norton.
At the time of Keith and Ron's ownership of the C & C in Chippy I was a regular drinker with them in the bar and on one occasion Ron gave me the keys to his new Ford Capri and I managed to put it on to a Cotswold stone wall, on another occasion Keith and John gave me the keys to the lilac Rolls and asked me to fix it as the charging light was on, I took it home and my mother thought I had stolen it and insisted I return it.
I told Keith and John it would get to London as long as they did it in daylight.
I was also there when they had a big all night party and I can't remember which band member took me home at about 4 am with autographs all up my arms of many of the guests there.
I seem to remember Johns Imp had been sprayed in something called Velvatex so he could stroke it!
If you have any more info on the Moon days at the C & C it would be good to see it and if you have a contact email for John Mears I would be pleased if you could pass on my details to him and ask him to get it touch, there is one story regarding his father I would like to tell him.
Best Regards
Michael & Tracy Ann Burnside
Acorn Business Centre
Tel: 01684 310297

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