With Love - Track Listing

All following information exactly as indicated on page 24 of the booklet that accompanies the album.

Side 1.

  1. HAIL AVATAR MEHER BABA (recorded at 1972 Amartithi Celebration) Last Qawali Group

  2. GIVE IT UP (Billy Nicholls/Steve Humphries) with McSmith and Alan Murphy.

  3. WITHOUT YOUR LOVE (Billy Nicholls)

  4. HIS HANDS (Pete Townshend)

  5. JUST FOR A MOMENT (Ronnie Lane) with Ron Wood and Bruce Rowland.

  6. BABA BLUES (Lol Benbow)

  7. MEHER (Paul Wyld) with Greg Sheahan, Gus Fenwick and Rob McKenzie.

Side 2.

  1. CONTACT (Peter Hope-Evans) Medicine Head

  2. GOTTA KNOW YA (Billy Nicholls/Steve Humphries) with Sammy Mitchell and George Butler

  3. SLEEPING DOG (Pete Townshend)

  4. ALL GOD'S MORNINGS (Sydney Foxx) with Pete Banks

  5. LANTERN CABIN (Pete Townshend)

© 4,6,7,11,12 Eel Pie Publishing Ltd.  8. Silver Cloud Music Ltd.
2,3,5,9 G.M. Music Ltd.

Engineer and Mixdown: Steve Owen

Except 5. Glyn Johns
8. Gary Edwards

Mastering Engineer: George Peckham MASTER ROOM
Recorded at Ell Pie Sound Temple Studios (5. at Olympic)

This album is produced as a gift of love dedicated to Meher Baba.
It is a limited edition of 4,000. Any profit will help future similar projects.
However, all material contained herein is strictly copyright and is solely
reserved by Ell Pie Recording Productions Ltd.

Unauthorised public performances, broadcasting and copying of this record
is strictly prohibited.

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